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Routing of mail between mailservers
~Tip Opjipygenoopsi 01/20/2004 04:38 PM
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I am a little dazzled by the help files...


I have two servers. Server A inside our company and Server B outside by an isp.
I use Server B to offer our employees webmail.
Server A is our gateway to send mail to internet. The two servers are connected by 1352 through a VPN. Firewall config: only Server A can initiate replication!!

This is what I want to achieve:

I want all mail (Notes mail + mail for external internet domains) that is sent by users on server B to be routed through Server A.
So Server A will do all the delivery.

Does anybody have any idea how to accomplish this? (with the difficulty that Server B cannot initiate a connection throught tcp 1352 / Notes replication)

Many thanks,


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